Ultimate Detailing Kit


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Ultimate Detailing Kit

This is the ULTIMATE detailing kit for any car enthusiast or professional detailer. Containing everything you need to keep your ride in show-ready shape, here’s what you get with the Ultimate Detailing Kit:

  • (2) Nexgen Ceramic Spray 8oz Bottles
  • (2) Nexgen Ceramic Soap 8oz Bottles
  • (2) Nexgen Quick Detail Spray 8oz Bottles
  • (1) Nexgen Waterless Wash 8oz Bottles
  • (2) Premium Clay Bars
  • (10) Premium Microfiber Towels – White

Nexgen Ceramic Spray
 is our flagship product, and beloved by detailers nationwide as a cost-effective way to apply a strong ceramic coating on your vehicle in minutes. Containing 13% SiO2 (silicon dioxide), it’s the strongest do-it-yourself ceramic product on the market. After just one application, you’ll see the difference in your car’s protection and shine. The Ultimate Detailing Kit contains 2 bottles of Nexgen Ceramic Spray.

Nexgen Ceramic Soap combines SiO2 ceramic technology with a car wash soap, allowing you to build (or strengthen) your ceramic coating while you wash your car. This unique product is a favorite among die-hard Nexgen fans. The Ultimate Detailing Kit contains 2 bottles of Nexgen Ceramic Soap.

Nexgen Quick Detail Spray is your all-in-one product for spot removal, clay bar lubrication, and instant detailing. The “workhorse” of the Nexgen family, our Quick Detail Spray is a must-have for any detailing tasks and combines a lubrication spray with powerful, contaminant-dissolving cleaning agents. The Ultimate Detailing Kit contains 2 bottles of Nexgen Quick Detail Spray.

Nexgen Waterless Wash is your secret weapon to maintain a mirror-like shine on your vehicle, even between washes. Once you have a ceramic coating on your vehicle, use our Waterless Wash to clean your vehicle with just a microfiber towel and a little elbow-grease. This one’s a way to save time, effort, and water while keeping your car looking fresh as they day it came home from the detailer. The Ultimate Detailing Kit contains 1 bottle of Nexgen Waterless Wash.

Nexgen’s Premium Clay Bar is the ultimate tool for performing a clay bar detail, and prepping your ride for a proper ceramic coating. Please see our YouTube channel for instructions on how to perform a perfect clay bar detail in under 15 minutes. The Ultimate Detailing Kit contains 2 premium clay bars.

Nexgen Premium Microfiber Towels are the perfect companion for any of your washing, detailing, or polishing tasks. These have the perfect fiber thickness and weight, last through 40+ uses, and have better absorption & durability than other microfiber towels. The Ultimate Detailing Kit contains 10 premium microfiber towels.

The Nexgen Detailing Kit gives you everything you need to maintain your vehicle like a professional detailer. It’s also the perfect gift for the car enthusiast in your life.

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