Nexgen Waterless Wash

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Nexgen Waterless Wash lets you wash your car ANYWHERE, no water required!

Equipped with the industry’s most advanced nanoparticles, emulsifiers, and lubricants, Nexgen Waterless Wash is your secret weapon for maintaining a mirror-like shine to your vehicle between full washes. Powerful enough to tackle thick layers of dust, Waterless Wash works by lifting contaminants off of the surface of your paint and keeping it away, guaranteeing scratch-free cleaning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nexgen Waterless Wash contains nanoparticles and emulsifiers that are sprayed directly on the surface you want to clean. These substances are designed to encapsulate dirt, dust, and other contaminants on your surface and begin to dissolve them on contact. This process happens entirely on the surface, keeping your clearcoat or other protective coatings intact.

You can apply Waterless Wash right on top of your existing wax or ceramic coating. Since this product is formulated to clean ONLY the surface, your existing coating is protected and guaranteed to be left scratch-and-swirl-free.

Nexgen Waterless Wash can be used for painted surfaces, wheels, glass, plastic, chrome, and much more… If it’s a solid exterior surface, Waterless Wash can clean it!

Yep, Waterless Wash is formulated to work great on tough water spots. If you’re having trouble, let the product sit for 30 seconds or more on the tough spot before wiping away. 

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