Nexgen Quick Detail Spray

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Nexgen Quick Detail Spray is your all-in-one product for spot removal, clay bar lubrication, and instant detailing

Versatility meets detailing with Nexgen Quick Detail Spray. This formula is the new go-to for spot cleaning, ceramic coating maintenance, lubrication in clay bar detailing… you name it, Nexgen Quick Detail Spray can do it! With its lubricating anti-static components, this detailing spray is guaranteed keep your paint scratch-and-swirl-free for longer, lifting dirt from your vehicle’s clearcoat and resisting static attraction to dust and other damaging contaminants. Whether you’re cleaning up some bug splatter, doing a full wipe-down, or your quarterly clay bar detail, make sure Nexgen Detail Spray is in your detailing kit!

Instructions for Use:

Spot Cleaning/Shine-Restoring Wipe-Down
Clay Bar Detail

Frequently Asked Questions

With top-grade lubricants and polymers, Nexgen Quick Detail Spray is designed to preserve the lifespan of your paint. It lifts impurities and makes them super easy to pick up with a microfiber towel, scratch-free!

No car is totally safe from the elements, that’s why Nexgen Quick Detail Spray will remove any, and we mean ANY, kind of dirt or surface contaminant that may stick to your paint. You name it: dirt, mud, pollen, water spots, bird droppings, bug guts… We’ve got you covered.

Nope! Nexgen Quick Detail Spray can be used to spot clean and restore shine to glass, metal, plastic, headlights, chrome, and more. 

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