Nexgen Ceramic Soap

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Nexgen Ceramic Soap builds and restores ceramic coating while you wash!

Make way for the best dual-action auto wash on the market! Carefully infused within our soap is our secret ingredient: SiO2, or silicon dioxide. Nexgen Ceramic Soap gives your car a thick, luxurious shampoo with mountains of foamy suds that emulsify and lift dirt on contact. While it washes, it leaves behind a glass-like gloss and protection that can only be done with SiO2. Our Ceramic Soap works great with a low-pressure or high-pressure foam gun, or with the traditional two-bucket wash method.

Instructions for Use

Bucket Wash
Low-Pressure/High-Pressure Wash

Frequently Asked Questions

About 2oz. of Nexgen Ceramic Soap is typically used per wash. 1 8oz. bottle of Ceramic Soap can wash a mid-size car 4 times. 

Nope! Our Ceramic Soap is just as versatile as any other auto soap. It is best practice to use the two-bucket wash method, but you can use any method you would like and get great results!

Nexgen Ceramic Soap works just as well on trucks, RV’s, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and so much more… If it has wheels, it works!

Not at all! With infused ceramic technology, it doesn’t just clean… It works to seal and protect your paint at the same time!

Since this soap has top-grade SiO2 mixed in, it actually deposits ceramic components onto your car’s surface. Whether it has a ceramic coating already or has never been coated, your vehicle’s surface will come out shinier and stronger than it was before!

Nexgen Ceramic Soap builds a ceramic layer that helps protect your surface against dirt, mud, salt, snow, pollen, smog, acid rain, water spots, bugs, and general road grime. These results are enhanced when used in combination with Nexgen Ceramic Spray. So yeah, we’ve got you covered.

(2 customer reviews)

  1. Johnny L Payne

    I have used different Ceramic Sprays on my 2020 GMC Sierra. Nexgen is the best ceramic spray to date. Biggest surprise was the way Nexgen treats plastic trim. Trim becomes a natural clean black in color, no oily greasy streaks

    I highly recommend Nexgen Ceramic Spray for this reason. Time only will be the judge on how Nexgen holds up against washing and ultraviolet sun rays. If Nexgen holds up against this ,it will be my go to in my detailing tool bag.

  2. Aaron Brown

    This stuff is unreal. I’ve tried 3-4 other products and Nexgen had a stronger shine, better protection, and lasts longer than all the others. I’m going to use this forever.

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