About Us

With 20 years in the automotive care industry, Nexgen’s proprietary formula of Ceramics, Silicone, and Polymers has become the backbone of professional detailers and Auto Dealerships.

Our products bring the “Best in Breed” solutions for Cleaning, Protecting, and ensuring the longevity of your vehicle's paint, chrome, and overall finish. With over 1000 Professional detailers, car dealers, and supercar owners providing feedback over the last 20 years, our formula has been refined to provide the highest quality with the fastest application time.

Nexgen's hydrophobic formula repels water on any surface it is applied to including Metal, Paint, Glass, Plastic, and Chrome. With and ever expanding line of products we continue to strive to bring the easiest, fastest, and most consumer friendly products to the market to protect your vehicle.

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--The Nexgen Team